Over-indebtedness: slight increase in the number of cases in May

1 Jun



The number of over-indebtedness files filed in May with commissions increased compared to April. According to the statistics of the Banque de France, the movement over the first five months of the year remains nevertheless lower than last year in the corresponding period.

The overindebtedness commissions, melako?

The overindebtedness commissions, melako?

Over-indebtedness, over-indebtedness commissions, conventional recovery plan, personal recovery procedure… These words may seem obscure to neophytes. Some definitions are needed before returning to the figures of the Francia bank.

First, what is “over-indebtedness”? This is a situation where the debts of a household are so important that they can not cope with their repayment. The household must then file a file with the commission of overindebtedness of its department, organization dependent on the Francia bank.

After studying the file, the commission establishes a “conventional recovery plan “, a plan consisting in finding suitable repayment solutions between the household and its creditors.

If the conventional plan proves to be insufficient, the personal recovery procedure is initiated. It consists in liquidating household wealth in order to repay creditors. The procedure is then closed, resulting in the cancellation of any remaining debts.

Mostly admissible cases

Mostly admissible cases

In May, 15,843 cases were filed with the over-indebtedness commissions, almost the same number as in April (15,483 cases). Almost all were declared “admissible” (13,761).

From January to May, the commissions received 82,473 files, compared to 87,605 last year during the same period (194,194 files for the whole of 2016).

In terms of the processing of cases by the commissions, the trend is higher in 2017 (81 139 files over 5 months in 2017, against 79 526 last year at the same period).

To come back in May 2017, 17,132 files were managed by the commissions, compared to 14,909 a month earlier. The decisions in May mainly concern:

  • 6,942 debt write-off recommendations (a personal recovery measure);

  • “immediate imposed or recommended measures” (5,805), considered “debt restructuring measures”.

The redemption of credit, a solution to reduce its debt

The redemption of credit, a solution to reduce its debt

Before using an over-indebtedness commission, it may be possible to buy a loan to reduce its debt. This operation consists of consolidating all or part of its monthly payments (mortgage, consumer loans, tax debts, bank overdraft…) into a single loan.

You pay only one maturity per month, which allows you to find new investment capacity. Feel free to use our credit redemption comparator to benefit from favorable conditions.


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