How to Borrow Money Without Fear of Fraud

3 Aug

Although the new Consumer Credit Act has tightened the conditions for granting non-bank loans quite a lot, it does not mean that there is something one hundred percent – and that fraudsters have flocked off the official market. You can still come across a business that is not fair, because nothing is perfect.

Let’s give you some tips to help you borrow from a cheater. You never know when such advice may come in handy, as well as you do not know when you need a smaller or larger loan to run your home.


Careful selection is here first

credit problem


Whenever you want maximum security, you have to make a good choice. Look for references across the Czech Internet, pay attention to the smallest details. For example, what can decide?

  • Web presentation . If it is literally out of the question, playing in all colors and graphically unmatched, the provider is probably not the right one. A solid company would really care about self-presentation.

  • Provider’s seat . Is he in the Czech Republic, at a more lucrative Prague address? Or will you get only a few answers and dubious addresses in Cyprus or Luxembourg?

  • Hidden charges . Will there be fees that were not initially mentioned, which make the whole loan quite expensive? This is certainly not fair, quite the contrary, not to deal with such!

  • Interest too high . If interest is at dizzying heights, you can easily look elsewhere. Reasonable level is a reasonable level, you do not have to overpay!

If even a combination of these points occurs, you should be clear and really look somewhere else. Fortunately, the possibility in our market is enough to eliminate the reasons to insist on some less profitable. And what else is really important about loans?


Comparison with the competition always says more

credit comparison


There are dozens of offers on the market. Therefore, you are not obliged to put on the first ad that you find on the Internet or see on TV. In the end, it would be bull nonsense, you decide not on advertising slogans, but on the convenience and speech of numbers as such. There are so many possibilities that a really responsible choice cannot be made in about five minutes. Much more time will be needed, different calculations and thinking will just take a few moments. Do not regret it, in every conceivable way, a thoughtful move is better than a reckless missile for which you would unnecessarily pay extra interest.

Beware of any penalties. In some cases, they can reach the astronomical spheres only if the credit maturity limit is slightly exceeded. Before you sign a contract, you need to be 100% sure that you will not pay a huge fine in such a situation. The contract should indicate how to deal with the matter. Is it worth a similar risk if you exceed the payment schedule by a week and should you pay two thousand crowns as a fine?

Of course, read the whole contract, not just part of it. It is sometimes small letters that are very important, and in many cases non-banking companies simply count on not wanting to read them. That would be a big mistake!



Try uCredit, a proven Czech company

Try uCredit, a proven Czech company

What makes uCredit attractive? Let’s face it, it’s a Czech company that will lend you up to eight thousand crowns without knowing you more intimately. Low interest, transparent terms and a short contract that is fully concise for both parties. Fast action is also a big advantage, because you can expect your money today. Just ask officially, it only takes a few minutes on the Internet and can be done. Easy for everyone, high approval rate, long-term market presence…


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